Nikolas Fotiadis | Bio
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Nikolas Fotiadis was born in Drama.
As soon as he graduated Senior High school,he worked for 3 years in a silk – screen(serigraph) printing workroom in Drama. He was involved in artistic interior decoration,as well as artistic and visual editing at various Festivals all over Greece.
In 2000 he attended Art Classes -design and painting in K.Tsigris workshop in Athens.
In 2006 he entered the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ,to major in ”Fine and Applied Arts” faculty.
He attended classes and workshops next to professors I.Foka and V.Pliaridis.At the same time he minors in carving subdivision at professors X .Sachini workshop.
In june 2011,he presented his Diploma Thesis ,which was assessed 9.11 points. In july 2011, he graduated and received the Painting degree from the “Fine and Applied Arts ” faculty-of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
He works as a nontenured teacher at Elementary Schools in Drama.


tel. (+30) 694 435 8655
instagram: fokos_artist